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we are building a team of

Passionate Massage Therapists

If you are accepted, you will receive a full book of business already waiting for you.

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Benefits of working with Mariposa

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Full Book of Business

This is a turn-key opportunity and comes with everything you need to be successful.

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We Do the Marketing

Mariposa Massage will find your clients for you. This means you do not have to spend your time and money growing a client base.


Get Tips & Bonuses

On top of your salary you receive all your tips and have ways to earn bonuses. This means you will have the ability to earn even more money.

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Mariposa Massage has been voted #1 in Best Massage every year since 2019! This means working at Mariposa Massage allows you to work with the Best of Helena.

Owner of Mariposa Massage

Barbara Calahan, LMT

I started Mariposa Massage in October of 2016 to be able to offer a holistic alternative for pain management and rehabilitation.


My focus is on therapeutic massage with a more clinical mindset rather than a spa-type massage setting. My objective is to work with every client's body, soul, and spirit to make a difference in every aspect. Living with chronic pain can be very debilitating and my intention is to help improve quality of life with each opportunity.


I am currently looking for 4 massage therapist to join our award winning team in Helena Montana.


Working with Mariposa Massage Will Help You JumpStart Your Career


"Working at Mariposa Massage, in an environment with other massage therapists, was a wonderful way for me to further my career as a massage therapist. I was given opportunities there that I would not have had otherwise. Mariposa provided me a space to practice, to grow, to learn and to be encouraged during a time when I was feeling a lack of confidence in myself. I was able to flourish into the therapist I am today because of the clinical environment while being able to practice therapeutic work on a variety of clients while utilizing multiple modalities. I was able to collaborate on a day-to-day basis and ask questions directly to colleagues which helps in multiple ways for treating client's individual needs. The structure and routine fostered a development of good habits as well as allowed me space to practice the skills I had learned in school and during our massage clinic. The routine and schedule honed the rough edges, and helped me develop self-discipline, both professionally and personally. I am very grateful for Barbara and the opportunity that Mariposa Massage provided, and for the 3 years I was able to work there! I miss it!"

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