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Providing clinical massage, including medical massage, structural reset, Thomas Meyers anatomy trains, as well as, amazing relaxation massages, Reiki, and foot baths in a peaceful and calming environment that will leave you feeling transformed every time. Whether it's pampering, stress relief, or injury recovery, we are here to be your partner in your healthcare journey.

Vision Statement


Mariposa Massage & Healing Center (MMHC) was established to make a difference in the health and well-being of the people in our community.

MMHC is a calm, relaxing place you can come for a truly unforgettable massage experience that will always leave you wanting to come back for another. “Mariposa” is the Spanish word for “Butterfly”. Butterflies depict new beginnings and resonate transformation into something beautiful.

Mariposa Massage is all about providing transformational treatment massages and a new lease on life with pain management.  Mariposa Massage tailors your transformation with an evidence-based approach to meet your goals for every session. We are here to support you in achieving your health goals by providing healing touch through therapeutic massage.

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Barbara Calahan

Founder & Massage Therapist

My name is Barbara Calahan. I became a massage therapist to be able to offer a holistic alternative for pain management and rehabilitation. I graduated from the 1000 hour massage therapy program at the Health Works Institute in Bozeman, Montana. I chose the Health Works Institute because they covered many modalities that other programs often do not teach. My mission is to help people deal with the stress of life, heal from debilitating injuries, and help with chronic pain management.

My focus is mainly clinical massage, but every session is customized to meet your goals, whether that's relaxation, pain management, trauma recovery/healing or rehabilitation after an injury or surgery. My objective is to work with every client's body, soul, and spirit to make a difference in every aspect. Living with chronic pain or unresolved trauma can be very debilitating and my intention is to help improve quality of life with each opportunity.

I opened Mariposa Massage & Healing Center, LLC in October 2016. I am so grateful for everyone who trusts me to be a part of their healthcare journey. I am passionate about my work as a massage therapist, business owner, employer and absolutely love the privilege of serving in our community. I believe that massage therapy is an alternative option that affects every aspect of a person and healing touch is very much needed in our world today.




Massage Therapist

Welcome! I believe that massage can improve the longevity and mobility of society. It decreases stress, anxiety, improves blood circulation, reduces fatigue, and much more.


I specialize in Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) and have been trained to recognize pain patterns within the body. MAT utilizes the approach of Osteopathy, Rolfing, and Myofascial principles to release deep-seated muscle tension while integrating Neuromuscular Therapy to activate, or reactivate, correct muscle function. I can recognize misalignment, rotational patterns, assess the root cause of muscle dysfunction and have been extremely successful in alleviating chronic pain pattern discomfort.


While MAT techniques work on the deep fascia within the body, deep pressure to achieve a release is unnecessary. This gives a whole new meaning to a deep tissue massage. While most deep tissue techniques draw on heavy pressure, I am able to achieve similar results non-invasively.  

I am also a Reiki practitioner and assist in the corrective flow of energy. Reiki is used for relaxation, anxiety, depression, and pain management, among other health benefits. Making the decision to become a massage therapist was based on helping people with chronic pain that is unmanageable.


As a graduate of The Montana School of Massage, practicing massage has changed my way of living. It has taught me how to manage my own pain and help others manage theirs. I am continuously developing my skills to better serve my clients. I look forward to meeting you soon! 


Massage Therapist


Healing has always been a driving force and passion in my life. The journey to helping and healing others through massage therapy began in 2004 when I became a licensed massage therapist. 

I tailor the therapy to the needs of my clients. I use hot stones, cupping, and tuning forks in addition to my massage therapies. Hot stones are used to ease tension and relax tight muscles. Cupping lifts and relaxes the facia from the muscle, additionally cupping removes toxins by increasing blood flow and increasing lymphatic circulation. Tuning fork therapy utilizes calibrated metal to apply specific healing vibrations for body point stimulation to release tension and support emotional balance. 

I have also integrated several modalities into my practice. To enhance the healing aspects of my work I’ve incorporated Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki®,  energy work through crystal healing, and sound healing through a Himalayan singing bowl. These energy works can be used in combination with massage therapy to address specific healing needs.

My work through massage therapy is to help maintain the balance of body and mind. Massage therapy holistically addresses joint, muscle, and tension pain as well as provides emotional integrity.


Massage Therapist

Hello everyone,


I am SO EXCITED to be joining the Mariposa team!

Helping others heal through my hands and healthy touch has been my passion for almost ten years. I graduated from Arizona School of Massage Therapy in 2012 and completed their Master BodyWorker program immediately after. I have studied myokinetics, orthopedic assessment, structural integration, trigger point therapy and sports massage to name a few. I worked as a therapist in Phoenix for almost seven years both working with a chiropractor and taking on all of the therapeutic sessions at a JW Marriott spa before moving back to my hometown, Helena.


The focus of my style of bodywork and continuing education stems from structural integration and Thomas Meyers Anatomy Trains. Anatomy Trains links individual muscles into functional complexes, chain links. It is the mapping of the muscular and fascial body as a whole...yes tightness in your neck can affect your hips and so on! I focus on your posture, what muscles are “locked short”. The area that is in pain itself is not usually the actual cause of the pain, it is the effect stemming from somewhere else within the body. I look to find the cause.

I also focus on muscular release for headaches, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, compartment syndromes, sciatica, and abdominal release.


I am eager to meet you all and share my knowledge of the human body, I hope you are ready to meet your iliopsoas, scalene adductor, subscapularis, and sternocleidomastoid muscles!

Xiomara Verdis

Massage Therapist


My name is Xiomara, and I recently moved to Helena from Oregon. I am beyond excited to be part of the Mariposa team!  I graduated from Altierus Career College massage program in Tigard, OR at the end of 2017, and I have been licensed and performing massage since 2018. I have worked in a spa most of my career and occasionally helped my friend in her chiropractic office.  I specialize in hot stones, deep tissue, and have a certificate in oncology massage. I am furthering my knowledge in oncology massage by continuing to take classes. My focus for massage is to come up with a treatment plan that works best for each client.

This is my first time massaging anywhere outside of Oregon and I am extremely excited to be part of this team and can’t wait to meet the lovely people of Helena!

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