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Invest in Yourself

Relax and Rejuvenate

Start Your Healing Today


Therapeutic Massage

your mind & body will love.

Our variety of healing services & caring therapists help you relax and find the self-care and healing you deserve.

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We are honored to be voted #1 for Best Massage by our Helena community since 2019!

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time to make a change

Don't let your busy life hold you back from the self-care and healing you deserve.

• too many responsibilities at home and work

• find it hard to put your needs first

• not sure how to manage your pain and find healing

Rejuvenate your mind & body with Mariposa Massage Services


Therapeutic Massage

Whether a relaxing Swedish massage or a clinical massage for injury recovery or pain management, we offer packages to suit your specific needs.



Thermography detects the subtle physiological changes and helps patients confirm breast health, digestive issues, jaw pain, head/neck/back issues and more.

Dr. Kate Kennedy, ND

Please call to schedule, appointments available every 3rd Monday of the month


Additional Therapies

We offer a range of therapies beyond therapeutic massage, including: Structural Integration, Prenatal, Reiki, Lomi Lomi, Thai Massage, or Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

we make it easy to relax & heal

Our clients are happy & rejuvenated

With our easy online booking and educated team, we make self care and healing easy to prioritize.


"My husband and I book a couples massages for our monthly dates. It's been a great way to relax and reconnect together after a busy month!"

- reagen


"I look forward to seeing my amazing massage therapist each week. I always leave my appointment feeling restored and refreshed!"

- anita

Packages to meet your needs.

we make it easy to relax & heal

60 Minute

6  60-Minute - $525
($45 Savings)
12  60-Minute - $1065
($75 Savings)

75 Minute

6  75-Minute - $630
($60 Savings)
12  75-Minute - $1285
($95 Savings)

90 Minute

6  90-Minute - $735
($75 Savings)
12  90-Minute - $1500
($120 Savings)

Structural Integration

"The 10 Series with Kate"
10 90-Minute Sessions

Owner of Mariposa Massage

Barbara Calahan, LMT

I look forward to meeting you and being part of your healthcare journey.



Four Steps to Creating a

Self-Care Ritual You’ll Stick To

✓ How to "let go"
✓ How to personalize your ritual

✓ Schedule a wellness routine
✓ How to live without guilt

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