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Therapeutic Massage

your mind & body will love.

Our variety of healing services & caring therapists help you relax and find the self-care and healing you deserve.

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We are honored to be voted #1 for Best Massage by our Helena community since 2019!

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time to make a change

Don't let your busy life hold you back from the self-care and healing you deserve.

• too many responsibilities at home and work

• find it hard to put your needs first

• not sure how to manage your pain and find healing

Rejuvenate your mind & body with Mariposa Massage Services


Therapeutic Massage

Whether a relaxing Swedish massage or a clinical massage for injury recovery or pain management, we offer packages to suit your specific needs.


Integrative Massage

Structural Integration is a manual therapy that specifically deals with the connective tissue (fascia) of the body. There are several kinds of integrative therapies. The two we have here are based on Rolfing and the other on Myoskeletal Alignment.


Additional Therapies

We offer a range of therapies beyond therapeutic massage, including: Prenatal, Reiki, Lomi Lomi, Thai Massage, or Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

we make it easy to relax & heal

Our clients are happy & rejuvenated

With our easy online booking and educated team, we make self care and healing easy to prioritize.


"Mariposa Massage has improved my quality of life greatly.  Dizziness that no one seems to be able to pinpoint the cause of was keeping my sleep minimal and my daily life difficult.  Now I sleep on my side and my symptoms are far more manageable."
- Lea


"I recently had rotator cuff surgery on my shoulder, and my doctor encouraged me to use massage as part of my recovery; It has worked miracles.  They were also able to remedy a painful sciatic nerve issue in one visit!  Massage is real and works when done by professionals!"
- Chuck

Packages to meet your needs.

we make it easy to relax & heal

60 Minute

6  60-Minute - $570
($30 Savings)
12  60-Minute - $1140
($60 Savings)

75 Minute

6  75-Minute - $712.50
($37.50 Savings)
12  75-Minute - $1425
($75 Savings)

90 Minute

6  90-Minute - $855
($45 Savings)
12  90-Minute - $1710
($90 Savings)

Structural Integration

"The 10 Series"
10 90-Minute Sessions

Owner of Mariposa Massage

Barbara Calahan, LMT

I am passionate about my work as a massage therapist, business owner, employer and absolutely love the privilege of serving in our community.

I believe that massage therapy is an alternative option that affects every aspect of a person and healing touch is very much needed in our world today.



Four Steps to Creating a

Self-Care Ritual You’ll Stick To

✓ How to "let go"
✓ How to personalize your ritual

✓ Schedule a wellness routine
✓ How to live without guilt

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